What is SAP CRM for automotive?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system developed by SAP which allows companies to automate and integrate many business activities focused on customers. The implementation of SAP CRM helps to improve sales, marketing, e-commerce, and customer service in each company that aims at being customer-centric. The software also includes tools for customer analytics, collaboration, social media, or personalisation. If you are interested in the implementation of SAP automotive best practices, check the benefits of SAP CRM.

Meet your customer expectations

SAP CRM is a product for companies that want to understand their clients’ needs. SAP argues that “CRM systems centralize, store, and track massive volumes of customer and prospect data – from contact history to social media activity – and make it available in real time”. Therefore, to deliver a personalised customer experience, you can simply analyse and use the data provided by CRM. 

Benefits of SAP CRM

The software delivered by SAP allows companies to collect all customer data in one place. This solution influences the transparency of your clients’ profiles and gives the opportunity to personalise the offer. The collaboration between all departments or stakeholders results in the consistent customer experience and real-time analytics support personalisation of customer service. Moreover, SAP CRM will make your marketing more targeted by adjusting the offer to specific customer needs and expectations. 

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