What is SAP Best Practice?

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (SAP RDS), also known as SAP Best Practice, is a content library designed especially for small and mid-sized companies. SAP Best Practice is a library filled with content which supports business implementation projects. The library consists of ready-to-implement business solutions that help to save time and money.  

SAP Best Practice – for who?

The answer is simple: SAP RDS is for everyone. You can download a package of best SAP solutions regardless of your business type. There are SAP Best Practices for automotive, agribusiness, chemicals, finance, and other branches of industry. For example, when we focus on SAP RDS for automotive suppliers and OEMs, we can get a package to support the processes of an automotive company that includes accelerators, pre-configured specific scenarios, business content and enablement services.

Ready-to-run solutions

SAP RDS meets the expectations of customers who want to implement professional, effective, rapid, and cheap business solutions. The SAP Best Practice consists of a package of the most popular processes that are implemented in companies from many branches of industry. The packages include specific settings required by an industry sector that you work in and provide your company with a set of ready-to-run solutions. Enjoy the experience of SAP and implement a package of the best business practices designed specifically for the companies of your sector.   

What more can you do for your business?

SAP Best Practice has been implemented by more than 10 000 companies in over 50 countries which means that it is a model perfectly suited for business needs. If you want to improve your business solutions, you can always reach for a standard model SAP implementation to customise the system. However, when you have used SAP Best Practice before, the full implementation of SAP system will be faster and cheaper. SAP RDS is a perfect foundation for SAP deployment which can help you to join the most efficient companies across the world.

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