What are the best SAP solutions for automotive?

SAP is considered one of the best ERP software deliverers for small, mid-sized and large companies. The German enterprise addresses its offer to representatives of the companies from different industry sectors. One of them is the automotive industry: car manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), dealers, suppliers, importers, and service providers. The implementation of SAP best practices for automotive allows the companies and their customers to achieve their specific business objectives. We are going to describe the best SAP solutions for automotive which can be implemented in your company.

SAP Vehicle Management System (VMS)

Importers, dealers, and manufacturers (OEMs) are the target groups of SAP VMS. This application is designed specifically for the automotive industry and focuses on supporting the companies in the sale process of new and used vehicles. SAP Vehicle Management System helps to manage every step of the sales chain, from the manufacturers, through importers and dealers, to customers. 

SAP Warranty Management (WTY)

SAP WTY allows tracking of products & services that are under warranty, monitoring warranty expenses, and validating the authenticity of the warranty claims. This solution can be also integrated with other business areas. SAP WTY is used by importers, dealers, OEMs, and subcontractors. 

SAP Dealer Business Management (DBM)

This IT solution is dedicated to dealers, OEMs, and importers of one and more vehicle brands. SAP DBM supports business planning, shipment planning, finance, control as well as order and transport infrastructure management. 

SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

SAP CRM aims at managing the relationship with the end-users. It focuses on multiple business processes, including advertising, customer support, sales, and e-commerce. SAP CRM can also be used for analysing social media activity and customer’s expectations, personalising the offer, and automating marketing processes.


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