How to choose a good software delivery company for automotive?

The automotive industry is competitive and demanding. To stand out from many automotive companies, you can focus on improving your business processes by using software dedicated to your branch of industry. However, the implementation of IT solutions often demands cooperation with a software delivery company. How to recognise a good one?

Look for experts

If you are interested in SAP automotive best practices, look for companies which are experts in SAP solutions. Such companies usually stand out with a wide selection of many IT solutions dedicated to multiple industries. Moreover, the software delivery company should be a certified partner of the official supplier. If you can, cooperate with award-winners who received their prizes in these fields that you are specifically interested in.

Check the numbers

Hicron, a certified SAP Partner, introduces itself by using some specific numbers: “over 50 automotive customers, projects on 5 continents, 13 years’ experience in delivering Automotive solutions”. Trust the numbers, not the promises, and choose the experienced company.

Personalised offer

The company should be customer-oriented and ready to adapt its offer to your needs. Regarding the automotive industry, the software delivery company should be prepared for cooperation with OEMs, dealers, importers, suppliers, service providers, and car manufacturers. Their services should also be complex and include business consulting, digital transformation, implementation, application & maintenance support, development & integration, etc.

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